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Recent publications

  • Adrian Hill, Zachary Lebo, Miroslaw Andrejczuk, Sylwester Arabas, Piotr Dziekan, Paul Field, Andrew Gettelman, Fabian Hoffmann, Hanna Pawlowska, Ryo Onishi, Benoit Vié, Toward a Numerical Benchmark for Warm Rain Processes, Journals of the Atmospheric Sciences (2023),
  • Jeongbin Park, Gilles Duvert, Alain Coulais, Gregory V. Jung, Sylwester Arabas, Brian Barker, Takeshi Enomoto, Sylvain Flinois, Oliver Gressel, Tomas Hillberg, Thibault Huillet, Jan Kohnert, Orion Poplawski, Eloi Rozier de Linage, Remi A. Solås, Luke Stagner, Ole Streicher, James Tappin, Thierry Thomas, Jingwei Wang, Christian Wimmer, GNU Data Language 1.0: a free/libre and open-source drop-in replacement for IDL/PV-WAVE, Journal of Open Source Software 7(80) (2022), 4633
  • Piotr Bartman, Jakub Banaśkiewicz, Szymon Drenda, Maciej Manna, Michael Olesik, Paweł Rozwoda, Michał Sadowski, Sylwester Arabas, PyMPDATA v1: Numba-accelerated implementation of MPDATA with examples in Python, Julia and Matlab, Journal of Open Source Software 7(77) (2022),
  • Piotr Bartman, Oleksii Bulenok, Kamil Górski, Anna Jaruga, Grzegorz Łazarski, Michael Olesik, Bartosz Piasecki, Clare Singer, Aleksandra Talar, Sylwester Arabas, PySDM v1: particle-based cloud modelling package for warm-rain microphysics and aqueous chemistry, Journal of Open Source Software 7(72) (2022), 3219
  • Michael Olesik, Jakub Banaśkiewicz, Piotr Bartman, Manuel Baumgartner, Simon Unterstrasser, Sylwester Arabas, On numerical broadening of particle-size spectra: a condensational growth study using PyMPDATA 1.0, Geoscientific Model Development (2022), 3879–3899


atmospheric cloud physics, research software engineering

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Sylwester Arabas

academic degree/title Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) position
research and faculty staff member group, assistant professor
  • Division of Computational Mathematics
  • Institute of Computer Science and Computational Mathematics
research group
  • Atmospheric Cloud Simulation Group
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